Saturday, October 3, 2009

As I sat In The Priesthood session tonight , among many of the same Men that I've known all my life , I couldn't help but feel the Lords abiding love. The Brethren spoke with such certainty that I coudn't help but , want to try harder at deserving the blessings that abound in my life. I must do better , I must live up to the devine within me. If I do that, there is no way I can fail in this life , it would go against everything taught in our religion. I can't wait until my son Cael is able to join me there in that solemn assembly. It is something I look forward with anticipation and hesitation because of the passing of time in which it evokes. I want to savor every drop of it (time). I want my son to take his time in growing up so I can enjoy him as he is now. But , I know it can not be the case for time marches on , so must I and all living beings upon this sphere. Destiny and Agency awaits. God is in The Heavens and is full of Mercy and Light, His Son , Jesus Christ is my Savior , Redeemer , constant reminder of our Fathers' love and divinity upon this Earth. The Holy Ghost is the tender testifier , proclaimer of truth , the voice of our souls' want and constant companion of the Righteous. We are NEVER alone for in that hour of our Saviors pleading he invested us with His companionship through His suffering if , we but ask. For that moment when the spirit withdrew , He knew none save Himself could give breath to the full measure , needed to win out. Hallelujah !!! I ask myself to stand taller in times when my burdens feel the heaviest , alas I am weak , I feel incomplete to accomplish the task. Then I pray and Hope burns up the darkness , that I in my insecurity let in. Thank You Lord for Thy love , Thy forgiveness and thank you for never giving up on me , when I myself had done so. Thank you for my children , my parents and family. Thank you for all that I am and all that I want to be and allowing me to grow. I pray to Honor Thee , Never forget Thee and Always Thank Thee. I will trust in Thee Forever and Always. Amen. -l. bruce Caldwell

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In A Nutshell

Do what's Right. Do your Best. And Keep on Doing.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Applying The Gospel

This past couple of weeks I've seen and heard some Amazing things, as far as The Gospel is concerned. I hope it is a preview of the wonderful experiences to come. First it started with Conference and continued through this last Sunday. Beyond the words of Hope and encouragement, there were acts of kindness, that I not only was the receipiant of but, also the benefactor. I love it ! I noticed that The Lord has His way of doing things and in His time. It truely is the only way to be happy, by allowing The Lord's Will to be done we can live The Abundant Life. His mercy is forever and all encompassing. It allows us to be refined, gives us Hope for a future full of possibilities, and free of major sins that could hinder our Eternal progression. Grace the other side of the coin is infinite and accessed by our Saviors love for us. One completely void of sin gave all that was asked and provided a way for us to enter in. Hallelujah ! I love Him but, not knowing fully the price He paid, I cannot properly appreciate, understand or thank Him. I would only Hope that my life, all the good, not the bad, is a testament, that I am not only trying to understand but willing to Do those things neccessary to make right my life. God grant unto us all the ability to change, the srength to do so, and Faith to endure this life to the End whenever and wherever in may come. To live each day conciously aware of the the choices to be made and choosing to do right and to do it with such conviction that is inspires others to do the same; is my wish. I've heard it said that Our Savior took upon him all Sin, including all imfirmities, physical, and mental alike. I hope to live to see the things and do the things that would please The Lord and allow me joy and peace while here upon this Sphere. To do so, our focus must be upon the good in this life, and our efforts to combat and forsake the sins that keep us from truely living it, correctly(Abundantly). All this is possible because we are our Fathers children and inherent within us, His divine traits. That is the true Secret. The only way to achieve and live The Abundant Life here on Earth and in The Eternities to come, is to embrace all our Souls' worth, in defiance of sin.

Hope is the Desire. Faith is the Doing. Charity is the Consuming.

The Desire to do what is Right, for Righteousness' sake, regardless of the consequences and in lieu of praise.

Doing the things The Lord has asked us despite the worldly influences, subtleties and attacks upon our spirits and senses. And with Hope guiding our motives.

The Consuming of all our souls efforts in behalf of our fellow man, for the sake of righteousness and the betterment of all, forever after.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Filling Up

Conference is over now. What an amazing spirit of joy and love I received. The Prophet, his Apostles, and all who spoke were divinely inspired. I feel ever more gratitude for my Father in Heaven. I thank Him for His great mercy shed upon all of us , His sons and daughters , here on earth. I'm speaking of course about the gift of His Only Begotten Son, and The Gospel that bear witness of The Father and our roles , here on earth. I am ever grateful for the warmth of The Holy Spirit, when it testifies to my soul of the truthfullness of the gospel, and of the wisdom of truth coveyed by His Chosen few. I know it's true. It doesn't have to convience me, it just rings right within me. I love it. I pray to live it. I hope to received it more fully as I more fully study , fast , and pray for it's infulence and guidance in my life. I wish to share it and that as I do , that those within sound of my voice will feel it tear away all fear and doubt concerning their hearts, souls and minds. I hope that my last breath will be one of testimony to my loved ones of His divinity, love, and mercy. May the measure of my life be found serving my God, His Son Jesus Christ, and with the witness of The Holy Ghost sustaining, it's everlasting truth. Forgive me Father of all my sins and bless me the my heart may be made new and whole. To serve Thee is no chore but, a Honor. Forever and ever, Amen. -l.b.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My voice

For a long time now, I've wanted to put something out there. Not knowing if it will ever be read or not, doesn't concern me. Our voice, as it were, was a gift bestowed upon each of us, by a loving Father in Heaven. I hope that this Blog and whatever comes of it , hereafter will inspire everyone that reads it, for the better. So with that, I will post this, the first of many s.i.t.a. (screams into the abyss). -l.b.